Wellington Laboratories
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A world-leading producer and supplier of reference
standards of potentially toxic, halogenated aromatic
compounds that are of environmental concern.

Since its inception in the late 1970’s, Wellington has become internationally respected as a reliable source of reference standards and chemicals for use in environmental analysis and toxicological research. The company’s foundation is its staff, who provide a strong combination of synthetic/organic and environmental/analytical backgrounds.

Wellington has the most extensive selection of chlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxin (PCDD) and dibenzofuran (PCDF) congeners as well as many 13C12 - analogues of these compounds. They also have the largest selection of 13C12 - labeled PCB congeners, including all of the congeners that have been identified as "dioxin-like" in their toxicological activity.

Wellington, in response to client requests, is the only source of many halogenated aromatics, including the more prevalent hydroxy PCBs and their 13C-labeled analogues, alkyl derivatives of PCDDs and PCDFs, and certain chlorinated naphthalenes (PCNs). They will continue to expand their inventory with additional native and mass- labeled organic compounds to support new research and the ever changing needs of the scientific community.

Wellington's mission is to prepare reference standards of a known and documented quality and accuracy that more than satisfy the requirements of their intended use, to support these standards with analytical data that clearly substantiates Wellington's assignments of identity, purity and concentration, and to deliver these standards to their clients in a timely fashion with documentation of their quality.

Together, Wellington and Campro will continue to provide our customers with immediate technical support and any new data or scientific literature that may help them in their research or analysis.
For the latest product updates and additions to Wellington's high quality product portfolio Brochures-Wellington-reporter

FMS - Fluid Management Systems
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Designs, manufactures, markets, and supports analytical instruments used for sample preparation, detection, and measurement of chemical compounds. The Company provides the highest quality instruments available at the best value to our customers.

Automated Sample Prep Systems

Power-Sep™ System
The Power-Sep™ System is a fully automated liquid chromatography system, capable of automating the purification and production of biomolecules using chromatography techniques such as ion exchange, gel filtration and affinity chromatography.

The Power-Sep™ System has the unusual flexibility to run laboratory, pilot or full scale production employing the same basic unit. The Power-Sep™ System can be expanded to control multi-column and multi-sample applications. The DMS-6000 Data Management Software allows real time plotting and automatic documentation of purification data.

Power-Prep™ System
The Power-Prep™ is a high speed sample processing workstation. It is designed to automate the extraction and cleanup of toxic compounds such as Dioxins, PCBs, Pesticides, and PAHs from environmental, biological and food samples.

Power-Prep processes from 1 to 10 samples in less than 1 hour, thereby, achieving high recoveries and excellent precision for all target compounds.

The Power-Prep™ system fits into the smallest budget. With its modular design, you can cost effectively automate your extraction and sample clean-up procedures by purchasing a 1-sample system and expand it to 5 or 10 samples as needed.

PLE™ - Presurized Liquid Extraction
PLE™ is a high speed Pressurized Liquid Extraction system for Dioxins, PCBs, Pesticides, PAHs and BFRs analysis. With the PLE™, one just needs to load solid or liquid samples into the PLE cartridges, and press the start key. The entire extraction is performed automatically and unattended producing excellent precision and high recoveries.

Power-Prep™ GPC System
The Power-Prep/GPC™ system is a low cost automated Gel Permeation Chromatography system capable of separating synthetic macromolecules, pesticides, PCBs, PAHs etc. from interfering compounds. It uses glass or polypropylene columns packed with styrene-divinylbenzene resin beads, and can process from 1 to 30 samples sequentially. The samples are sequentially loaded into the column, then washed and collected in the appropriate fraction vessels.

The Power-Prep/GPC™ system greatly simplifies sample cleanup through its unattended operation, increased speed and precision. Options such as different types of columns, a fraction collector, UV detector and a PC allow versatility in a sample type, automatic monitoring, data recording and programmable control over all aspects of the separation procedure.

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Promoting Research and Discovery

Isotec’s knowledge and expertise allow the production of thousands of labeled products and the flexibility to meet any customers’ needs. Isotec is fully committed to the development of innovative ways to synthesize both new and existing compounds.

Isotec has an experienced team of stable isotope custom synthesis chemists, led by an impressive group of Ph.D.'s, each one an expert in his field. Isotec routinely engages in the multiple step syntheses of complex labeled molecules, including metabolites and steroids.

On-site production capabilities and an inventory of basic starting materials enable them to provide rapid synthesis of new compounds. Together, Campro Scientific and Isotec can deliver your custom synthesis compound faster than any other company in the industry. Isotec will synthesize quantities ranging from milligrams to kilograms, provide custom packaging services, and guarantee client confidentiality.

Marshall Isotopes
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Leading the Industry into the Future

Marshall Isotopes is a privately owned company, a leader in its field of producing stable isotopes of oxygen. Their mission is to provide premier quality of Oxygen- 18 Water with >97 % and 10 % atom enrichment. Marshall is committed to its vision to become a premier partner in the growing interest and demand worldwide of PET molecular imaging.

Chiron AS
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For more than 15 years Chiron has supplied oil and gas companies and analytical laboratories throughout the world with reference substances of high purity for geochemical and environmental analysis. Chiron has delivered standards to high profile companies such as NIST, Petrobras, Norsk Hydro and Sigma Aldrich as well as to numerous universities and testing facilities worldwide.

High focus on basic research applied to environmental and petroleum problems and a close co-operation with academic institutions and customers worldwide has brought Chiron to the forefront of analytical chemistry.

Several patented products and applications are included in the Biomarker Catalog, and new inventions are continually under development.

Updates on new products are included in the Biomarker Focus mailings. If you wish to be included in the mailing list for these updates please send us an e-mail. You can also find updates on new products in the new product catalogs that we can send you upon request.

Chiron offers a varied, flexible and innovative range of biomarkers to suit the needs of the individual customer.

Chiron has an equipped laboratory where they carry out custom syntheses and continually work on developing new and innovative products.
They are currently involved in several EU-projects and have a unique experience in long term research ventures for the petroleum and pharmaceutical industries.

Please contact us for custom synthesis and custom development projects.

Chiron offers a wide range of products:

Reference Standards and Research Chemicals
  • Environmental / Toxicological
  • Petroleum / Oil
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Narcotics / Doping / Forensic
  • Food / Food safety / Hygiene
  • Biology/ Biotechnology / Natural products
  • Isotopes / Internal standards / GC-IRMS
  • Derivatization reagents
  • Other
  • Products according to methods
Fine Chemicals
  • Chiral intermediates / agents
  • Building blocks
  • Monomers
  • PEG-derivates
  • Natural products

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Advanced intermediates for Drug Research

AstaTech, Inc. has served pharmaceutical, biotech and agrochemical companies worldwide since 1997. Their mission is:
  • to bring innovative products to pharmaceutical, biotech and agrochemical drug research, development and manufacturing;
  • to develop innovative technologies to the chemical process;
  • to provide cost-savings, custom contracting services to drug research & development communities and to accelerate their drug development processes.

AstaTech offers more than 1000 unique drug-related products that are all synthesized in AstaTech's laboratories, kilo-lab and pilot plants. The core business is custom synthesis/manufacture and product development. AstaTech is devoted to innovative chemical process technology for the production of important drug intermediates and final drug materials.
Their pharmaceutical products follow cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines.


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High quality Radiochemicals for Research

Since 1975 Moravek Biochemicals has been engaged in the manufacture of radiochemicals and unlabeled compounds to support the needs of the scientific research community. Moravek offers over seven hundred tritium (3H), carbon-14 (14C), sulfer-35 (35S) and unlabeled compounds, as well as reliable custom labeling services.
Moravek's refined facilities and extensive use of pharmaceutical research grade HPLC and GC purification and analysis result in the highest quality standards in the radiochemicals industry, the MORpure™ standard.

New products are continually being added and if the particular product that you require for your research project is not listed, we invite you to contact us and we can see if our highly qualified custom synthesis team can meet your particular requirements. Moravek can provide compounds in demand, and also offers many non-exclusive compounds at exceptionally high purity and substantially low prices.

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Single, Multiple and Uniform Labeling of Saccharides and Nucleosides with 13C, 2H and 15N

Omicron Biochemicals develops new and improved methods to introduce stable isotopes, primarily 13C, 2H, 15N and 18O, into biologically-important compounds. We specialize in the synthesis of labeled carbohydrates, nucleosides, and their derivatives, but will undertake the synthesis of other classes of compounds on a custom basis. Our particular strengths lie in the preparation of site-specifically labeled compounds, but we are also capable of producing uniformly labeled products.

The approaches used in synthesis include chemical, chemi-enzymic, enzymic and biological methods. Omicron also collaborates with other laboratories as needed to develop new products.

The company name, Omicron, is based on the greek letter meaning “small”. Congruent with their name, Omicron’s mission is to maintain a compact and efficient biotechnology enterprise dedicated to providing trusted research support and state-of-the-art products for our customers.


Toronto Research Chemicals
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Bringing you Products for Innovative Research.

Toronto Research Chemicals Inc. (TRC) is a world leader in the manufacture of complex organic chemicals for biomedical research. TRC supplies products world-wide to a client base including major biotechnology based corporations, pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies, manufacturers of specialty chemicals, as well as to researchers at hospitals, universities and research institutions.
TRC was founded in 1982 as a Canadian-owned corporation. They currently occupy 25,000 sq. ft. of state-of-the-art laboratory space, and operate pilot plants with the capability of doing complex custom chemistry on scales of up to 10 kg. Their strength lies in the expertise of their staff in the area of research and development.

In addition to maintaining a strong emphasis on custom synthesis, TRC currently manufacturers, as catalog items, more than 1100 organic chemicals for use in biomedical research. TRC has chemical expertise in the areas of carbohydrate chemistry, aromatic chemistry, nitrogen, phosphorous and sulfur chemistry, as well as radioisotope and stable isotope labeling.

A GMP Pilot plant, to be built this year, will be equipped with up to 12 reaction vessels in the 500-1200 L range, for the manufacture of complex pharmaceutical actives and intermediates on scales of up to 100 Kg.

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Is unique

They are the only known company producing “Real-World” CRMs and have become the world leader in the production and certification of soil and sediment Certified Reference Materials. All CRMs are produced and certified in full compliance with ISO Guides 34 and 35. All RTC CRMs are either natural matrix materials or natural matrices in which selected analytes have been fortified to give the resultant CRM an analyte profile that meets the needs of the market.

Natural-Matrix CRMs
A certified reference material is defined as a reference material, characterized by a metrologically valid procedure for one or more specified properties, and accompanied by a certificate that states the values of the specified property, its associated uncertainty and a statement of metrological traceability.

UST Reference Materials
The United States and Europe requires that underground storage tanks (UST) be constructed and managed in a way that minimizes leaks from the tanks and any subsequent leaks are properly cleaned up.

Quality Control Reference Materials
RTC´s range of CRMs are designed to be used for method validation, to assess laboratory performance and to check analytical performance. For day to day quality control, they have developed an extensive range of QCs.

These QCs include samples for:

  • Waste Water (Water Pollution)
  • Choice of more than 60 inorganic and organic samples, available in a range of kits and sample groups. Available as concentrates or whole-volume samples.
  • Drinking Water (Water Supply)
  • Choice of more than 35 inorganic and organic samples, available in a range of kits and sample groups. Available as concentrates or whole-volume samples.
  • RCRA and NELAC Soils and olids Choice of more than 35 inorganic and organic samples, available in a range of kits and sample groups.
  • Underground Storage TankSamples Choice of more than 25 samples, available in a range of kits andState-specific sample groups.

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Clearly precise NMR tubes.

Kontes offers a wide range of products for NMR including 3,5 and 10mm tubes, NMR microcells, valved and threaded tubes, sealing manifolds, as well as NMR tube racks and washers. The NMR tubes are designed for repeated use in high resolution NMR spectroscopy. The NMR tubes are manufactured from KIMAX® ASTM Type 1 borosilicate glass, and their performance is assured by state-of-the-art manufacturing and inspection processes for camber and concentricity.

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High Quality Symmetrical NMR Microtubes.

Shigemi proudly introduces the latest high precision NMR tubes.
The uniform inner diameter is achieved by vacuum forming, and the smooth outer surface is obtained by means of a fully automated grinding and polishing machine system.

The quality of Shigemi’s NMR tubes is unequivocally proved, even when used at the highest frequency regions, 800 MHz.

Shigemi believes that their ceaseless technological advances have made it possible to produce NMR tubes with the highest precision, unrivaled in the world.

In order to ensure the high quality of the products and in order to meet various customers’ requirements, each tube is tested individually and ranked according to its thickness and linearity.

Rototec Spintec
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The ultimate solutions in spectroscopy

Rototec offers a variety of MAS Rotors and End Caps for the Solids-NMR-Spectroscopy.

Rototec MAS Rotors are made of Zirconium Oxide. They are guaranteed to meet exacting standards and are made from the finest Alumina. Furthermore, they are penetration tested after machined, and each rotor is spin tested. Customers are sure to find the specific size and type that will meet their requirements.

A number of End Caps are available for variable temperature experiments. They also allow measurements of different nuclei. Some of our End Caps use one or two O-rings for better handling and tighter sealing.

IsoLife BV
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Stable Isotope Labelled Plant Products
for the Life Sciences

IsoLife produces uniformly (13C and/or 15N) labelled compounds derived from food plants and pharmaceutical herbs for a wide range of applications in the Life Sciences like Tracking and tracing, Internal Standards Structural biochemistry, and for Authentication.

Tracking and tracing
Stable isotopes like 13C and 15N are safe and consumer-friendly as they are NON-radioactive. Our labelled products - ranging from 1.1% to 99% label - enable scientists in medical, nutritional, pharmaceutical, biochemical and environmental sciences to track and trace transport and transformations in living beings and/or in the environment.

Internal Standards
Production of stable isotope-labelled plant parts (e.g. fruits), plant extracts or phytochemicals as Internal Standards for the identification and quantification of metabolites in natural, unlabelled samples by Liquid and Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS or GC-MS) techniques for application in metabolomics.

Structural biochemistry
Stable isotopes enable the derivation of 3D-structures of complex (polymeric) bio-molecules in their native form using NMR-techniques. For this purpose, bio-molecules need to be uniformly labelled and highly enriched with stable isotopes.

Stable isotopes provide an extremely useful tool for validating the origin of biological and (bio-)chemical products
IsoLife is a spin-off company of Plant Research International BV , part of Wageningen UR , The Netherlands. IsoLife has its residence in Wageningen - City of Life Sciences - situated in the Dutch Food Valley and Health Valley.

Products (uniformly labelled with 13C, 15N, D, 18O, and/or 34S) and Services
  • Living plants (e.g. maize, tomato, Arabidopsis)
  • Plant biomass (e.g. leaves, roots, fruits; frozen or dried)
  • Biomass extracts
  • Plant cell wall components (e.g. cellulose, hemi-cellulose, lignin)
  • Polysaccharides (e.g. starch, inulin)
  • Di- and Oligosaccharides (e.g. sucrose, cellobiose, fructo-oligosaccharides)
  • Lipids (e.g. phytosterols)
  • Pigments (e.g. chlorophylls, carotenoids)
  • Proteins (e.g. seed protein, Rubisco)
  • R&D support
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ARC - American Radiolabeled Chemicals
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Radiochemicals for Life Science Research

ARC offers the research community top quality radiochemicals at highly competitive prices.

They offer a Tritium, Iodine-125 and Carbon-14 labeling service. Custom Synthesis is an important part of ARC's business. ARC is capable of conducting all types of organic and biochemical custom synthesis.
In order to expand their line of unlabeled chemicals for life science research, ARC has recently acquired PBI (Precision Biochemicals, Inc.), a Canadian company that has been in business since 1993 and offers many of the popular neurochemicals and plant growth regulators. With the addition of PBI, ARC can now also offer their customers multistep chiral synthesis.

Avanti Polar Lipids
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The Phospholipid and Sphingolipid People

For over 30 years, Avanti Polar Lipids has been supplying lipid research products to researchers and pharmaceutical companies around the world. Not only has the range of products grown every year, but so has Avanti’s unique reputation for purity, which is their primary concern.

To achieve maximum purity, only the finest precursors, tissues and solvents are used. This results in correct stereo-chemical configurations, desired chemical properties and pure phospholipids.

Research clients are encouraged to contact Campro Scientific about the custom synthesis of products that are not listed in the catalog.

Avanti operates a bulk pharmaceutical facility registered with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and is pleased to offer Pharmaceutical clients products which follow cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines. They also have a select group of products for which Drug Master Files have been registered with the FDA.

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Specialists in Custom Standards: Inorganic and Organic

CPAchem is a world leader in custom-made multi-element calibration standards in inorganic and organic. The four secrets of our success are: High-technology, High-experienced staff, High-quality, High-speed. We are specialized in the following product lines:

Inorganic calibration standards for Atomic Spectrometry (AAS, Graphite Furnace and ICP), Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) and Ion Chromatography

European Pharmacopoeia Reagents and Standards (Primary Opalescence Suspension & Colour solutions, Conductivity standards & Reference Buffer solutions, Reagents & Volumetric solutions, Ready to use Volumetric solutions)

Organic analytical standards for residue analysis and environmental analysis (pesticides, pesticides metabolites, Deuterium and C13 labelled compounds, other...). Organic standard solutions prepared according to your analytical needs for HPLC, GC and GC-MS)

Using our products you will profit from and improve the following
Time for preparing standard solutions; Conservation and maintenance of source solutions; Traceability.

Chem Service
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Chem Service, Inc., established in 1962, is the largest independent supplier of analytical reference materials and the original source of small quantities of organic chemicals.
Chem Service, Inc. is an ISO-9001:2000 and an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Certified Company.

  • 2008-2010 Environmental Standards, Analytical Standards,
    and Chemicals in Small Quantities Catalog
  • Since environmental chemistry first became a matter of public concern and regulation,
    Chem Service, Inc. has prided itself on providing the necessary high quality samples
    and reference materials.
  • This easy-to-use catalog is our most comprehensive collection.
  • Environmental Alphabetical Standards Listing including CAS numbers
  • EPA 500, 600, 1600, & SW/846 - 8000 Series Method Standards
  • ASTM Methods & Contract Laboratory Program Standards
  • UST Standards, Weathered Fuel Standards, & State Standards
  • International Standards, Fatty Acids & Food Analysis Standards
  • Speciality Phthalate, Biological Stains, Organic & Inorganic Kits
  • Commercial Plasticizer, Surfactant, & Oxidation-Ultraviolet Inhibitor Kits
  • PCB/PBB Standards, PNA Standards,
  • Pesticide & Metabolite Standards,
  • High Purity Inorganic Standards
  • Software and Reference Literature
Catalogs brochures

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For the past 45 years, the company’s goals have been to manufacture the highest quality breath-testing devices and to provide the highest quality service to the customers.

QuinTron, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA, is a private-owned company that is quality minded and detail oriented. The instruments, devices, and accessories are marketed around the world. QuinTron's quality management system is ISO 13485:2003 certified and FDA QSR compliant, and QuinTron's products are CE marked for conformance to EU standards.

The ability of breath trace-gas analysis to provide measurements that aid in the non-invasive diagnosis of disaccharide malabsorption and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is well established. QuinTron is the only manufacturer of breath-testing instrumentation to offer the ability to measure both hydrogen and methane in a single sample of breath (alveolar air), which adds reliability to the breath test and properly diagnosing patients.

QuinTron’s Research and Development team works with leaders in the field and continually reviews the potential for the measurement of these and other trace gases to aid in the diagnosis of other conditions and disorders. Brochures

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A Waters Company. For more than 30 years, ERA has been providing analytical laboratories and organizations that rely on laboratory data with the products and services they need to achieve accurate and reliable test results. Thousands of customers across multiple industries have integrated ERA´s products and services into their quality programmes in order to ensure total confidence in their data.

ERA´s proficiency testing programmes (PT) and certified reference materials (CRM) are designed to provide customers with the confidence that their data is valid and defensible.

ERA maintains a number of globally recognized accreditations to have an independent oversight and to support customers to streamline regulatory compliance.

ISO Guide 34 for certified reference materials and ISO 17043 for proficiency testing schemes ensure the highest possible level of external accreditation.

Laboratories performing testing and analyses with accreditation under ISO/IEC 17025 are pleased with the variety of reference standards and PT schemes for environmental and pharmaceutical applications.
Purified water according to the USP, EP, JP is of high importance to Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies that look for Total Organic Carbon and Conductivity. ERA offers a variety of reference standards in accordance with the instruments in use at the water production facility plus certified low TOC vials.

Laboratories involved in environmental testing will be pleased to find an impressive assortment of analytes such as pesticides, PCBs, PAHs or inorganics in water, effluent, sludge, plant material and many other matrices. Supporting PT schemes throughout the year complement this range for testing laboratories especially when accredited to ISO/IEC 17025.

ERA´s team provides custom made standards of the analytes and matrix of choice in the desired concentration with three different levels of certification.