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Campro Scientific is a research-oriented company dedicated to serving the scientific community.
We are the exclusive distributor for some of the world's leading producers of
stable isotopes, labeled compounds, organic and inorganic standards, radiochemicals, research chemicals and products for virtually every chemical application.

Since its inception in 1981, Campro Scientific has served many of Europe's foremost research and development institutes and organizations as well as numerous well-known hospitals.

As an independent distributor, our aim is to supply you with the most comprehensive range of innovative, highly qualified products and services suited to your needs.

Campro Scientific strives to continually add new products, and we represent a number of leading manufacturers who produce the kind of high quality chemicals required for your research.

Mission statement
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Campro Scientific is specialized in and dedicated to the supply of Specialty Chemicals.

As we make our important products available to the scientific world, our goals in working with you are:

• Providing quality products
• Efficient distribution
• Excellent communication
• Dependable service

Our highly trained staff is backed by a team of scientists who are available to assist you in any way possible when encountering questions regarding your purchase, and who will advise you thoroughly in choosing and using the right products needed for your research.

We are glad to be a part of your efforts in making important scientific advancements by serving as the key link between the manufacturer and researcher.

Working with Campro Scientific offers you a variety of advantages and conveniences such as:

• The multilingual capabilities of our staff (Dutch, English and German)
• Our European location, known for its efficient distribution network, ensuring fast delivery
• Our safety conscious, highly-regulated work environment
• Our service-oriented, organized mentality

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Dr. Ahmad Rajabi


Yovita Rajabi
, M.A.
Advertising Manager
Graphic- & Webdesign

Keith Kruse
, M.Sc.
Business Development Manager

Irene Berg
Office & Sales Manager

Karin Nagorka

Office Manager
Order Receipt & Processing

Dr. Klaus Mulisch
Product Manager
Diagnostics and Medicine

Dr. Martin Kowall
Product Manager
Analytical Solutions

Michael Lerch, Dipl.-Ing.
Sales Manager
Standards & Sample Preparation

Jan Michel Jockheck, Dipl.-Ing.
Product Manager
Standards &Lab Equipment

Sandra Leupold
Office Manager
Order Receipt & Processing